KAYPRO offers a complete array of cloud computing solutions – from hosted websites and email to fully hosted servers, applications, and desktops. For a business, there are many potential advantages of cloud hosting. Some of these include a reduction in:

  • Management Heating & Cooling.
  • Wiring Maintenance Costs.

The biggest potential advantage, however, is in flexibility and being able to access your business resources whenever you need them. Cloud computing also involves many factors to consider, including the reliability and security built into the cloud provider’s solution. KAYPRO has a reputation for only providing the most secure and robust cloud solutions. Our background in supporting large multinational companies has made this part of our corporate culture. The KAYPRO Cloud suite of products is built on proven industry-standard technology, complete with robust security and monitoring. For a cloud computing provider that you can trust, contact KAYPRO, and we will be glad to discuss the potential benefits of cloud services for your business.